Fort de Chartres Ghostings

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As most are aware, Les Amis du Fort de Chartres is continuing to work to find funding avenues for repair projects at the Fort. With the help of volunteers, some of the smaller projects are currently being undertaken. The repair procedures for the larger Fort projects were submitted for emergency funds from the state’s Capital Development Budget by the IHPA architect. The most immediately pressing project that was submitted for these funds was the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Ghostings and we were notified late in 2016 that it was denied for emergency funds but remained on the IHPA’s overall project list for future remediation as the state budget allows. The project requirements and scope for the Ghostings deconstruction  were given to Les Amis to pursue in a more timely fashion. These ghosting structures are nearly 30 years old and have been deteriorating over time, as we reported last fall. With time against us as we approach the 2017 upcoming special event season at the Fort site, we are asking for the community’s help. We have sought and received bids from local contractors able to assist in the removal of the wooden Ghosting structures. The lowest bid received by far was submitted by Ron Stork, of Ron’s Construction Services, Inc. of Sparta for the amount of $3,400. This bid is extremely generous reflecting Ron and his employees’ support of Fort de Chartres. Jennifer Duensing and Carol Kuntz have been appealing to the community, including the Randolph and Monroe County Commissioners, asking for assistance to locate funds to execute the Ghosting removal project. After Ron’s work to remove the lumber from the wooden decks and foundation is accomplished, Fort de Chartres volunteers will be asked to assist to remove the wood from the site grounds. We will update everyone as we receive feedback from our community leaders and as we continue to pursue funding avenues for these important repair projects. We thank those in the local communities advocating for us and offering their much needed support in this process.-Carol Kuntz, March 6, 2017