A Call for Volunteers

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Volunteering Opportunities at Fort de Chartres

Hello all! Karyn Albers, First Vice President of Education for Les Amis du Fort de Chartres, here with a public service announcement calling for volunteers to support Fort de Chartres and its history. As an example, Les Amis du Fort de Chartres needs volunteers in the Trading Post at Fort de Chartres the second weekend of every month. We do take a holiday break in January and February every year. Have a skill or special interest related to the history of Fort de Chartres? Another education-related volunteer opportunity might be to conduct a Saturday workshop or demonstration while the Trading Post is open each month. Anyone with 18th century-related skills or special knowledge of Fort history is welcome to reach out to us to volunteer for this type of event support. Examples of workshops conducted in the recent past include bake oven class given by Carol Kuntz, basket class given by Trish Handel, and a presentation on the history of the chapel given by John Waide. These events are not only a learning experience for the public but fun too. And don’t be afraid to volunteer because you do not have French Colonial era clothing to wear. Need a historical outfit? We can help! LAdFdC has a clothing closet for volunteers so they have appropriate clothing for their time spent volunteering at Fort de Chartres.

As LAdFdC continues to recruit new volunteers, we reach out to groups such as the Monroe County Retired Teachers Association to help recruit volunteers and I have reached out to the Monroe County DAR to see if the ladies would be willing to help with volunteer work. We continue to look for those volunteer recruitment opportunities throughout our area. You can email me at karyna621@gmail.com with any questions about education-related volunteer opportunities. Please join with us to support history education at Fort de Chartres-we hope to hear from you soon!

Les Amis du Fort de Chartres Board Member

Love Fort de Chartres? LAdFdC needs you!

  • Want to get involved on site or remotely and volunteer with Les Amis du Fort de Chartres? For a full list of potential volunteer opportunities for our organization that range from educational efforts to practical organizational or event support, you are welcomed to fill out a LAdFdC volunteer form and send to lesamisdufortdechartres@gmail.com.

We would invite any and all volunteers who would be willing to help out to contact us.

Les Amis du Fort de Chartres “Friends of Fort de Chartres” is a not for profit organization made up of volunteers striving to preserve, protect, and interpret the physical structural and cultural heritage of Fort de Chartres in the 1700s.