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  1. James Dancho
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    Good Morning,

    My name is James Dancho and I am a graduate student at Webster University. I am part of the Master of Arts Teaching program and I work with the Soulard School in St. Louis City. Currently, we are conducting a Curriculum Extension Project which requires an out of class experience. I am highly interested in taking the students this November to the Rendezvous.

    I was wondering who I could speak to about, possibly, having a personal tour by a member of your organization. I have 19 5th grade students with parents and we would hope to come on Sunday Nov 3rd. In addition, I wanted to ask specific questions about the event itself.

    I know that you are busy with numerous other things, including preparation for the Rendezvous, but if you could contact me soon I would greatly appreciate it. My phone number is (203) 500 7714 and you can contact me by this e-mail . If I am in the wrong place to ask these things, Could you help me by pointing me in the right direction. Thank you very much for your time.

    -James Dancho MA
    Master of Arts History &Teaching
    University of Vermont
    Webster University

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