Les Amis du Fort de Chartres “Friends of Fort de Chartres” is a not for profit organization made up of volunteers striving to preserve, protect, and interpret the physical structural and cultural heritage of Fort de Chartres in the 1700s. Les Amis welcomes donations to help us in our support of Fort de Chartres site events and projects!

Other opportunities to donate to Les Amis du Fort de Chartres and support projects at Fort de Chartres are available at Amazon Smile and Schuncks’ stores.

A downloadable Les Amis membership or donation form is available HERE and can be mailed directly to:

Les Amis du Fort de Chartres
PO Box 366
Prairie du Rocher, IL 62277

Giving Campaign

Support Les Amis by making a donation to our special events.

General Donations

Support Les Amis du Fort de Chartres by making a general donation.

Current 2023 Sponsors

Les Amis du Fort de Chartres, “Friends of Fort de Chartres,”
2023 Membership Campaign General Donors (12/11/2022-1/16/2023)

$1000 Gold Level

  • General Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Illinois ($1500)
  • General Society of Colonial Wars
  • Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Missouri
  • Sheldon Pewter
  • The General Society of Colonial Wars

$500 Silver Level

$250 Bronze Level

Whitney Wisnasky-Bettorf Realtor & Managing Broker

$100 Copper Level

Margaret Brown ($200), Connie Jackson, Marvin Woody, 7 Slot Mafia, KB Contracting

$50+ Pewter Level

Herman & Karyn Albers ($85), Ed & Jane Dare, Linda Kaat, Nick & Carol Kuntz, Jay McCormick & Linda Presler ($85), Ray Naughton, Ed Paine, Terry Wyciskalla ($90)

Under $50 Iron Level

Barb Borchardt, Melvin Boyers, Mary Braun, Lon Brauer & Djuana Tucker, Kim Craft, The Davis Family, John Dunkin, Barb Eggemeyer, Jason Favignano, Julie Fenn & Robert Haze, Mary Fredrick, Steve Helfrich, John & Karen Hunt, Rev. Msgr. Daniel Jurek, Dave Kazmark, Bob Livingston, Charles Lilliech, John & Beth Lovin, Chris & Stephanie Martin, alt & Debbie Maus, Rodney & Annette Morwick, Jack Mueth,  Cecelia Piekarski, Al Puknat, Kathy Ring, Ron Russell, Richard Sauget, Martin Schuster, Darryl Sheldon, Lynne & Patrick Slack, Larry Stock Family, Michael Snyder, Dorothy Stade, Tim Sullenger, Don Turner, Rosemary Upchurch, Roger & Darla Yoakum, Randy Dick

We appreciate all the donors/sponsors. Please see previous donors below.