June Rendezvous-notes from the Booshway

For those that came last year, thank you for your help , cooperation, and patience during Friday night’s storm and Sunday’s early shutdown. I know we were supposed to be a “cancelled ” event, but you can’t stop a ‘vous once it’s started, and for a cancelled event, most of us still managed to have a good time. It’s a little early to predict now, but initial reports say that flooding isn’t likely to be an issue this year, so come on back! No matter what, the Site Administrator has said there will be no more packing in and out of camp, so no fears there. I look forward to seeing everyone through a full event this year!

Thanks and see you soon


A few notes-

Please keep modern lighting out of camp, it ruins the spirit for a lot of people. If you are seen with modern lighting, I will ask you to get it out of site asap(medical and true emergencies notwithstanding). This also applies to modern chairs, etc. This is a historical reenactment- the rules are the same as any other rendezvous, so if you have guests, they need to be in dress after 5:00 pm and modern items need to be out of site!